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There are three categories to choose from; ready-made, made-to-measure, and high-end custom. Ready-made products are great for dorm rooms, temporary situations, or first time home owners with very limited resources. With most of the ready-mades being manufactured in low wage countries, these products are inexpensive and the quality is often lacking.  Made-to-measure products such as those you can find at Eastern Accents or The Shade Store will cost more than ready-mades but offer a wider selection of fabrics and styles with excellent construction.  If you want something special and your budget allows, high-end custom designed products will give you the sun, the moon, the stars and everything in-between, stopping short only when you attempt to defy the laws of gravity.  I will show you the best fabrics for your project and design the style that will work for you. I specify all of my own designs and work closely with a local workroom and installer.

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