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Living in Dallas makes it easy to access an abundance of resources for furniture. When buying sofas and chairs, it is always recommended that you go to the showroom and try them out to make sure they are the right depth and firmness. Look around, if you notice a lot of nicks and dents on the showroom furniture, it's likely that it's not very good quality. When buying from a retail showroom, always ask what their return policies are, and how they handle service issues. Believe it or not, some discount stores allow you only 24 hours after delivery if you want to change your mind!  When buying through designer showrooms, a 50% deposit is required, and there is normally a 10-12 week wait before your furniture arrives. Since these pieces are ordered and made especially for you, they are not returnable. Since I shop for furniture frequently, I am familiar with a lot of sources at different price points. We have several excellent furniture manufacturers in Dallas, and when you need a custom piece designed just for you, I can complete the process of designing, specifying and purchasing.

Interior Design Consulting
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