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Whether you are considering a major renovation or just need some help with one area of your home, I'm happy to assist you in finding a style that reflects your personality. You should love where you live. Your home's interiors should evolve with your changing needs and if it's been awhile since you have addressed how you feel about your surroundings, it may be a good time to consider making some changes. It could be as simple as updating a worn out piece of furniture or changing a paint color. Perhaps you just need another pair of eyes to edit out the extra stuff you no longer need.


I enjoy working on both contemporary and traditional homes. My expertise is finding quality fabrics and furnishings that you will be pleased with for a long time.  If your idea of great design is flea market finds and a rusty bicycle hung on the wall, I'm really not the best choice for you. My personal style preference is for clean uncluttered spaces where you feel comfortable hanging out with your family and friends.  A place that is easy enough to maintain so you don't have to spend your time fussing with getting everything to look right. Your bed should be easy to make in the morning. Your sofa should have pillows that don't need plumping every time you use them. If you have kids and pets, you want kid friendly, pet-friendly fabrics and flooring so you can relax and not get upset when the inevitable happens.

Interior Design Consulting
Interior Design Consulting
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