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Whether you are considering a major renovation or just need some help with one area of your home, I'm happy to assist you in finding a style that reflects your personality. 

There are three categories to choose from; ready made, made to measure, and custom.

Do you have boxes of favorite photographs that you would like to display but just never got around to having framed?

There are hundreds of local stores where you can buy carpeting, wood flooring, laminates, and tile. Don't be mislead by offers of huge discounts or free installation.

Motorization for window coverings has been around for decades. What's new is that the motors are less expensive, more reliable and easier to install.

Indoor plants can help purify the air and adding some greenery is almost always a welcome addition to your space.

When buying sofas and chairs, it is always recommended that you go to the showroom and try them out to make sure they are the right depth and firmness.

Always select the paint color last! All of the other elements in the room are available in limited colors,

while paint can be custom mixed in an infinite number of options.

Whether you are moving just across town, or across the entire country, having a plan can save you time and money.

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